The accumulated experience of over 40 years as seafarer of one of our Director – Capt. Yoga Yogaraj, his long – term relationship with the Owners of “Reederei M. Lauterjung GmbH KG – Emden, Germany”, and his motive and vision to provide an excellent job opportunity to Sri Lankan seafarers, as well as to provide well experienced and qualified seafarers to Lauterjung Group, led to the establishment of “Lauterjung Shipmanagement Colombo Ltd”.

The years of crew selection and fulfillment of crew requirements has equipped “Lauterjung Shipmanagement Colombo Ltd” not only with experience and knowledge but also with vast and constantly updated pool of dedicated, competent and motivated seafarers who are recognized as among the best in the world due to their wide experience on different types of ships belonging to various foreign principals, their abilities, skills and high level of professional education.

“Lauterjung Shipmanagement Colombo Ltd” as a Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services, supplies our Clients with well experienced and highly qualified seafarers from single officer to full crew for any type of vessels: Container Vessels, Bulk Carriers up to Cape-Size, Multi-Purpose Vessels with heavy lifts, Euro-Coasters, Reefers, Ro/Ro vessels, Car Carriers (PCTC), Chemical and Product Carriers etc.

Personal attendance and quality service of “Lauterjung Shipmanagement Colombo Ltd” Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services, is aimed to meet the requirements and high quality standards of its Principals and to build up a trustworthy, opened and friendly relationship both with its Principals as well as with each and every seafarer of its pool.

“Lauterjung Shipmanagement Colombo Ltd” has a close connection with the oldest and the most reputable maritime academies in Sri Lanka, the major source of our Cadets (Deck / Engine). The Cadet program is designed to select and recruit the Cadets with a committed view of making them a Qualified and Professional Officers and Engineers and on accumulating required experience and qualification to move up the rank of Masters and Chief Engineers.

The staff of “Lauterjung Shipmanagement Colombo Ltd” are experienced recruiting officers who meet the necessary business requirements and firmly believe that further success of the company depends on the skills and teamwork of its employees ashore and on board.

Our sincere moto is to make our crew feel like home with us